5 signs that tell your air conditioning is not working properly


It’s not difficult to tell if your air conditioning system needs repairing or not. But an inexperienced homeowner may not know whether it’s working or not. Here are some signs that indicate that your air conditioning needs repairing.

1. No cool air

This is a very obvious sign. When you notice that no cool air is coming from your air conditioner, you know that it’s not working properly. It’s an indication that your system needs full repair. One of the reasons may be that the compressor has failed. Low level of Feron is another cause of this.

2. Poor air flow

If you notice little air flow through your AC vents, then it’s a sign that the compressor may be failing. If certain areas of your rooms are getting cold air and the others are not, then your duct might not be working properly. Debris may also get stuck in your air conditioning vents over time. This obstructs the airflow and increases the health risk of you and your family. You should get the ducts cleaned to restore airflow.

3. Moisture

If there is moisture near the system, then it indicates that there is a problem. Leaks occur due to two reasons. It might be refrigerant leaks, which is bad for your health and needs to be repaired immediately. Another reason is blockage of the drain tube. This is not a very serious problem, but mold can grow so you need to fix it.

4. Thermostat problems

The thermostat may not work properly. If one part of the room gets very cold and the other part remain normal, then you can say that there is a problem with the thermostat.

5. Strange sounds and odors

When you start getting grating or grinding sounds from your air conditioner, then it’s a sign that you need a replacement unit. If you get foul or pungent smells from your air conditioning vents, it means that your system’s wire insulation has burned out. If you get a musty smell, it indicates that there is mold inside your unit.

To avoid these problems, you must maintain your air conditioning system regularly. Air conditioning system is costly, so quick repair may save you from buying a new one.