3 ways to lower humidity at home naturally


We often suffer from high humidity levels in our house. It leads to personal discomfort and decreases in air quality. It can also damage your home or office. Here are the natural ways of dealing with humidity.

Do regular maintenance


Excessive moisture can build up in the house for many reasons. Damaged or lost shingles, air leaks, clogged gutters, etc. allows moisture to penetrate the house. If you deal with the maintenance issues right away, then you can keep out moisture from your premises.

Improve air circulation


Stale air that is not flowing steadily throughout the home retains moisture. Poor air flow leads to higher humidity levels at home. This will cause your home to sell. If you can improve the air circulation in your house or business, moisture in the air will dry out quickly, keeping the levels of humidity lower. You can utilize the exhaust fans in kitchens and baths to move air throughout. Ou can set your ceiling fans as well. It is better to rotate your ceiling fans anti-clockwise in summer and clockwise in winter. You can open windows to equalize humidity levels between the indoors and outdoors.

Keep moisture out


Moisture can enter the house from various paths causing the indoor humidity to go up. You should always use exhaust fans when cooking on the stovetop. Houseplants can bring moisture into the home. So, you should limit the number of plants you keep at home.

It these natural ways of controlling moisture doesn’t work, then you should call a professional. You can also install home humidifier system so that your humidity is always in control.